Video Сall for online
music & vocal lessons
Enjoy seamless synchronization of voice and sound with no delays
No additional equipment is needed by either the student or teacher
Have complete control and management of your lessons
Designed specifically for music and vocal teachers
Your study materials are now protected, so there's no need to share them
Online lessons are just as effective as in-person ones
Experience incredible sound quality with no delay
Experience crystal-clear sound that enables you to hear all necessary frequencies, giving you the feeling of being in the same room as your student.
Built-in audio player
The built-in audio player allows you to play audio materials for your student to play or sing along with. You can also adjust the tempo and key as needed.
Multi-camera mode
We will display all connected cameras on the screen simultaneously, allowing you to keep a close eye on your student's arms and legs.
Through your device's calibration mode, we mathematically calculate delays to ensure complete sound synchronization.
«Teacher/Student» modes
There are two modes available: Student mode, for when the student is playing or singing, and Teacher mode, for when the teacher is leading the lesson.
Share Files
You can use convenient drawing and marking tools to demonstrate learning materials to your student.
Own virtual office
Your personal account allows you to work with study materials and prepare for your upcoming lessons.
Desktop & Mobile Applications
You can use our application on all popular platforms and devices, and a web version is also available to you.
Designed specifically for music teachers
Over 1000 teachers conduct daily lessons on our Video Call
Our teachers have to say
Book a demo and try it!
Discover effective ways to teach music and vocals online with our help!
Invest less than 10 minutes of your time with us
Visit our demo lesson from any device by following the link
Our manager will demonstrate how it works in real-time and simulate your lesson
After the demo, you will be able to access the application through our special subscription plans

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